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This was my first time in here and a girl named Christina cut my hair she was very rough and way to fast not paying attention and scraped my neck pretty bad and I was suppose to get a VIP treatment it being my first time in there and my last but she did not massage my scalp or shoulders or shoulder blades and if your telling me the massage chair does your shoulder and shoulder blades I didn?t feel anything just my but vibrating that?s a joke it was absolutely horrible and when she went to show me the back with a mirror she held it to the right so I couldn?t see the scrape or that she went a little to high on my left side in the back I?m very upset and completely disgusted with my first visit and my last one for that horrible service for that price I didn?t say anything to her because I would have really let her have it so I left but I will be calling tomorrow to report her and the customer service which I think was horrible. The place wasn?t busy so ther was no reason to rush or be so rough my neck is really soar because of her and it kinda felt intentional because I?ve never in 42 years had someone dig that buzzer into my neck like she did I have a nice scrap on my neck in the middle and an uneven haircut in the back it?s absolutely the worst haircut I?ve ever gotten with horrible customer service if I owned this place some people wouldn?t have a job anymore I usually love to get a haircut but not this time I?m extremely disappointed with the service. I would post a picture but you can?t she really doesn?t need to be cutting hair if you could see my neck you would agree.she did way to much talking and not paying attention and I guess she forgot I was suppose to get a VIP treatment being my very first time in. I should have known when I walked in and the first girl skipped me because I was a dollar short and had to step right out the door to get a dollar out of my car that was right in front of the door she should have just said that?s ok you can get it when your done or ok that?s fine no she says ok it?s gonna be a few minutes then and took the next guy that came in behind me that?s horrible customer service but I still wanted to give this place a chance and was so wrong on that decision and wish I hadn?t because my hair and neck are messed up. I really didn?t want to write this review because I don?t like saying bad things about anyone but this is not how a business charging that much for such horrible service I totally feel like I went to a back yard salon instead of a nice respectful establishment with first class service as they say VIP treatment. Also when I asked if they could put some football on the TV she said I don?t know how to change the channel so instead I was watching tennis which is really boring I give it two thumbs down ?% The only thing she did right was be friendly but the way she kept digging into my neck really stumped me that?s why I said it felt intentional or she don?t realize how hard she was pushing either way it?s unacceptable for that profession. I wish I would have asked for a refund and reported her today but I really was in a rush and really don?t like doing that and truly would have lost my cool with her so instead of causing a seen I left Looking at my neck and it hurting and uneven hair cut maid me write this review so the owner will address this immediately and take serious action.

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Great service!

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They stylists were nice and attentive. I definitely recommend this place

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Benjamin D. | August 30, 2019 Google

"This was my first time in here and a girl named Christina cut my hair she was very rough and way to "

Robert M. | July 29, 2019 Google

"Great service!"

Brandon C. | July 27, 2019 Facebook

"They stylists were nice and attentive. I definitely recommend this place"

matthew d. | June 24, 2019 Google

"This place is horrible! They try to lure old men in here by hiring all chicks and playing sports. Th"

bakman303 | April 9, 2019 Google

"Super friendly staff!! Kala got me in and out fast! She also told me all about the benefits of using"

Hayden F. | April 7, 2019 Facebook

"I can?t say enough about this location. I went to another shop and they absolutely butchered my hair"

Gilbert P. | April 6, 2019 Google

"Been all over best one yet..... Jasmin is the best thanks guys"

Robert R. | April 6, 2019 Google

"Staff is always nice and friendly. I have never been disappointed with my haircut."

Mindy B. | March 16, 2019 Google

"They gave my son a great cut"

Todd G. | February 4, 2019 Google

"Thank you for supporting the Air Force Reserve!"